Hello! We are Nora and Amer, founders of Cafesti.

We love coffee, and one of us happens to have over 25 years of experience working in the coffee industry.

When the pandemic hit, experiences we once enjoyed outside home such as gyms, restaurants, bakeries and cafes were suddenly interrupted. People started replicating these experiences at home, baking fresh bread from scratch and building at-home gyms...We wanted the luxury of having cafe-style coffee at home to become easier and more affordable to everyone!

The market was filled with options for coffee machines and coffee beans, which is not only overwhelming, but can also be quite expensive. After years of testing at commercial and small business levels, we were able to provide top quality bean-to-cup automatic machines; the perfect compliment to a coffee-lover's kitchen or office space.

The sounds of grinding fresh coffee beans, the inviting aroma that fills the air, and that slowly forming crema on top of a perfect espresso...all at the press of a button!

And we didn't stop there, we wanted to offer a hassle-free experience that includes carefully curated premium coffee beans.

Amer likes his coffee strong and earthy, while Nora likes hers bold yet smooth. He loves espressos, she craves lattes. We wanted a robust and delicious blend that would satisfy most palates. There were tens of tasting sessions, votes from family and friends, some mild bickering ;) and then voila, the Cafesti Espresso-Bar and Signature blends were born!

We put together all that is needed in a one-stop shop experience.

A first of its kind, the Cafesti subscription model offers customers the opportunity to own a premium espresso machine + monthly deliveries of fresh coffee beans + on demand service.

And that is how our longing for the perfect cup of coffee during unprecedented times lead us to building the Cafesti brand you know today.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!