About Cafesti

Those who appreciate good coffee (and by “good” we mean "great!") know that in today’s market bean-to-cup coffee machines are expensive and require regular servicing; finding quality beans at the right price is no easy task; and that your favourite coffee-shop barista will not appear at your door when you crave the perfect cup!  

Cafesti was born when founder Amer who’s been in the coffee service industry for the past 20 years, was on a “forced” break from international travel (think 2020 lockdown) and found himself pondering a question from his wife, Nora:" “Why can’t we have great coffee at home without all the fuss?”. This reflection set him off again on an exciting journey into the world of coffee growers, roasters, micro roasters, beans, blends, machines and trends. A world he is both familiar with and passionate about! 

Friends, family, and fellow coffee lovers were among the early testers of the Cafesti concept: A seamless one-year subscription to acquire a high-quality (bean-to-cup) machine, along with a monthly supply of ethically sourced premium coffee beans, as well as an on-demand concierge service. So now, for an affordable monthly fee, you can enjoy café-style coffee-without the café-! 

So, sit back and enjoy yours.

Amer in his comfort zone! (courtesy of Lamastus coffee estate, Boquete- Panama)

Colombian Brewer’s champion, Sebastian Villamizar preparing a fresh pour over coffee for Nora (courtesy of La Palma & El Tucan, Zipacon - Columbia)

Cupping of our Cafesti Espresso Bar blend

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