How An Automatic Coffee Machine Will Benefit Your Small Business

Coffee is more than just a beverage. It's a fun way to spend time with others, get the day started or refresh after a long one.

Installing a coffee machine at your workplace can have numerous benefits. Whether you're running an office, a hair salon, or a retail shop  - having freshly brewed coffee on hand will elevate the experience for customers and employees. It’s a simple add-on with an exponential rate of return!

Read on for the top 3 ways installing an automatic coffee machine will benefit your small business.


Coffee is a known motivator, and this can be attributed to both its chemical makeup as well as social attributes.

Let’s combat morning grogginess!

By blocking adenosine in the brain, caffeine enhances alertness. This effect is useful in the workplace because it helps employees overcome the sleepiness they might feel at the start of the day.

And what about the afternoon slump?

In addition to providing a burst of energy in the morning, coffee has been shown to combat the mid-afternoon slump. The energy-boosting effects of caffeine can improve productivity levels and help overcome brain fog, allowing individuals to power through their day with renewed focus and clarity.

Coffee also helps sharpen memory!

Caffeine has been shown to enhance working memory, which can lead to both short-term and long-term benefits. By making memories feel sharper, coffee consumption can facilitate the recollection of information from previous days. A strong memory not only enables individuals to perform their work more efficiently, but it is also crucial for success in customer-facing roles.

A cup of coffee is a great way to befriend colleagues

Creating connections can go a long way in increasing employee motivation and productivity. The best way to help foster that is through creating opportunities for face-to-face conversations and meaningful interactions. 

A coffee machine at the workplace is a tremendous, and super simple, way to facilitate friendships and conversations. When people have a designated place and activity in which they can be social - creating meaningful relationships becomes much easier. This, in turn, will fuel productivity.


Imagine walking into a crowded waiting room. You’re greeted by a receptionist and find yourself a seat while you wait. 

Now picture walking into that same crowded waiting room - but this time, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. The friendly receptionist greets you with a smile and offers you a hot warm mug of coffee while you wait. How would that change your experience?

There are multiple compelling reasons to provide your customers with a fresh cup of coffee, not least of which is the fact that coffee is a universally beloved beverage. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, offering customers a cup of coffee will greatly enhance their experience.

Offering customers coffee can help create a memorable shared experience

The act of drinking coffee amongst others helps create memorable shared experiences. Coffee is a connector, conversation starter, and pass-time. Whether the shared experience created is between customers, or customers and employees, people will walk out of your business feeling a sense of connection. 

In addition to the symbolic meaning the beverage holds, the burst of energy that coffee provides tends to make people feel lighter and more chatty. These effects are particularly valuable if your business requires a lot of direct contact with customers. Feeling energized and alert after a cup of coffee can make the interactions much more lively, engaging, and memorable.

A cup of coffee can make a lasting impression on your customers, whether it's a cappuccino at the dentist’s office, an americano during a haircut, or a latte-to-go after a workout.

Drinking coffee before shopping boosts spending

Retailers and boutiques - this one’s for you. 

A recent study conducted by a professor of marketing at the University of South Florida discovered that consumers who drink caffeine-infused drinks before shopping tend to spend more money, buy more products, and make more impulse buys. 

The study found that consuming a caffeinated drink before shopping enhances impulsivity, leading to a higher number of items purchased and higher spending compared to those who drink non-caffeinated drinks. 

In one experiment, those who drank espresso spent around $18, while those who drank decaffeinated drinks spent just half that amount. 

If you own a small boutique or retail location, consider offering your customers a cup of coffee while they browse!


Before you invest in a coffee machine, it’s essential to assess what type of machine would suit your needs best. 

There are different types of coffee machines out there and each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Automatic coffee machines are widely preferred by small business owners because of their simple design and compact size.

You have a whole business to run - and it’s not a cafe! As such, your coffee machine should be easy to operate, easy to clean, and, most importantly, brew delicious coffee. Automatic coffee machines are designed with simplicity in mind - they even have an auto-cleaning function.

How to Choose the right coffee machine for your business

Even just under the automatic coffee machine family tree, you’ll find different types, sizes, and functions. For example, while some machines specialize in brewing espresso shots, others include accessories that make milk-based drinks as well. 

The three most important things to consider when choosing what type of machine would suit your needs and space the most are:

1. Caffeine needs: It’s important to consider the amount of coffee and types of beverages you’ll be consuming daily when choosing a machine. 

2. Allocated space: You’ll need to take into account how much counter space you have, as well as the height of the machine if you plan on storing it under overhead cabinets.

3. Convenience: The level of convenience you are looking for is an important consideration. For example, looking for a coffee bean subscription or machine that includes free servicing would mean that you can a more hands-off approach.